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Cable Avoidance Tool

The cable avoidance tool is the perfect implement in any excavation projects or episodes for plants or otherwise .
Especially during ‘urgent’ or frequent digging without the underground utility maps such a tool is perfect
support for safe digging.

You can avoid Electrocution, Explosions, Penalties and Downtime.




It caused due to underground live power cables : Some of the live power cables within the ground carry high voltage and there is a high chance of electrocution when these cables are hit while digging .The cable avoidance tool detects such live components underground precisely before the digging tool touches the ground


It caused due to wrong contact while digging :Such explosions lead not just lead to severe injuries but also death .


It due to damage on government assets : The damages caused to government underground utilities could land you in paying up heavy penalties to the government thus adding to your financial liabilities for the particular project taken up


Downtime of work due to accidents : Each accident caused due to blind digging and cable damage is sure to suspend work and create a forced downtime for your work . Hence this makes cable avoidance the only smart option.


The CAT4 cable avoidance tool is a ‘one hand’ operation easy to use tool from Radiodetection. Chaitanaya Instuments has joined hands with Radiodetection ,UK to bring this efficient and quality tool to India .This Radiodetection Cable locator is definitely a good choice if you are thinking of picking up such a tool for the first time ever.
Other than the CAT4 we offer a variety of some other cable tracers such as the ofc cable locator and pipeline detectors.
Mandatory in many western countries ,such during large projects only save an organisation from accidents , project delays and penalties.

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