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SPX-RD Marker Locators

Radiodetection RD8000 and RD7000+ Precision Marker Locators deliver fast, accurate marker & cable location with optional GPS logging.



RF marker locator with automatic depth measurement
Bluetooth® Connectivity and GPS
Automatic data logging and CALSafe™
Familiar Radiodetection operation and compatibility
Ergonomic design with built in rechargeable batteries
Simultaneous depth and current readings
Dynamic Overload Protection
USB connectivity and PC Support
3 Years extended warranty

Radiodetection’s new range of precision locators builds on the high-performance and ergonomics of the RD7000®+ and RD8000® platforms and is aimed at locate professionals and utility companies who need to detect utility RF markers (also known as EMS or Omni-marker™) alongside buried infrastructure.

Measure depth continually and automatically
Featuring TruDepth™, Radiodetection’s unique automatic depth measurement system, and combined utility and marker locating mode, the marker locator range delivers faster and more accurate surveys.

Optional internal and external GPS links
The built-in GPS option, allows customers to conveniently add positional data to their survey measurements without the need to carry additional equipment. Alternatively all units feature Bluetooth® to allow automatic linkage with an external GPS device. RD8000 models offer easy retrieval of saved measurements via USB and export into common file formats such as KML for Google Earth.

Data Logging
Monitoring usage, improving best practice and providing proof of work done is enabled by the automatic data logging on selected models. Every second, key locator parameters are saved into the unit’s non removable internal memory.

Up to one year of saved data can be retrieved and analyzed by connecting via USB to a PC running RD Manager, the software companion to the marker locator range. On GPS models there is the added benefit of recording survey locations.

Familiar user interface
Adopting the Radiodetection range is straightforward as it utilizes the same screens and operations as the established RD7000+ and RD8000 ranges, and can be used with any of their accessories or transmitters

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