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Underground Pipe and Cable locators

Underground Pipe and Cable Locators

CIPL brings to India the most advanced Underground Pipe and Cable locators to detect underground utilities.Companies have large or small infrastructure projects ,production plants and factories that undergo excavations and digging on various occasions .In a drive to build or improvise the facilities within the property one can not afford to ignore the underground utilities that could be damaged.Ignoring them would be like driving a car with closed eyes where you don’t know what you might hit! If serious precautions are not taken. This can lead to

Utility Damage


Time Delay

Some of the options in Underground Pipe and Cable Locators

We have a trained team that is proficient in understanding underground utility infrastructure and paradigm .As we have worked with large and small infrastructure projects, You can rely on us to understand your hurdles and requirements with regards to your project and guide you with the right products that fit in your need .Additionally we will give you full guidance in the usage of product ,recording and analysis of data to ease out your excavation project.

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