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Precision Locators

With growth and industrialization and infrastructure progress comes a lot of challenges for excavation projects.The As the underground utility maze becomes more and more complex ,their location and marking becomes all the more critical.And precision locators precisely help in just doing that .
We at Chaitanya Instruments have joined hands with the Radio detection , A British brand to bring a large range of precision locator devices to make your task simpler.

Precision location made easy:

We offer from the simplest option to the most advanced machines in precision location
Our cable route tracers deliver highly responsive locates even in tough conditions.Our products deliver fast and accurate markers and cable location with GPS logging.
Our Locator range delivers accurate, reliable and repeatable performance in an easy digital package that simplifies the task of locating specific pipes such as plastic pipes in large underground networks.
Each model is optimized to cater to a specific industry .So there’s ‘One for every one’ .Users have to just interact with the simple menu options to pick up the capabilities as per their requirements

Our range of Precision locators:

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