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Acoustic Ground Microphones

Acoustic Ground Microphones

The acoustic ground microphone is a primary implement in sound based underground water leak detection tasks. .These microphones are capable of detecting and amplifying the noise created by leaks in pressurized pipes.As a part of the water loss management process ,these are used to validate the leaks spots that have been identified.

The underground water leak detection technology is dependent on four factors which affect the success of the whole exercise.The factors are namely –

1. The kind of sound water makes while leaking. These sounds could usually be a

a Hiss or a whoosh sound
b “Splashing” or “Babbling Brook” sound.
c “beating/thumping” of water on another surface.
d.Pebbles bouncing off the pipe making a “clinking” sound.

2. The physical properties affecting the sound

The loudness ,intensity and frequency of the sound of the leaking water is affected by the pressure of the water ,the diameter of the pipe,the depth at which the pipe is,the material of the pipe ,soil type and compaction newness of the soil and the surface type .If all these six factors are in the favor then the sound is detected quickly as it is loud enough.

3. How far Leak Sounds Travel Down Pipes.

Water pipes could be made of metal or non metallic materials such as asbestos-cement or PVC pipes .Besides pipes may also vary in diameter. Metallic pipes such a iron mains that are between 6 to 12 inches in diameter ,copper pipes and steel pipes can transmit water leak sounds in either directions for hundreds of feet .Conversely the non metallic variety do not transmit sound nearly as far.Thus diameter of the pipe along with the material of the pipe bothe are very critical when it comes to deciding the length the leak sound can travel.

4. The leak sounds travel pattern under the ground

Soil absorbs water leak sounds very quickly. The deeper the leakage the sound gets muted and weak and is lower in frequency.The leak that is not so deep the sound is louder and higher in frequency .

We offer a range of acoustic ground microphones for underground water leak detection

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