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MALA GPR System Rental

MALA GPR System Rental

The Mala GPR System rental offers an opportunity for a headache free renting of the GPR.It reduces the risk of the maintenance and time lost during downtime



MALA GPR Rental: Maintain Cash Flow
When you choose to rent MALA ground penetrating radar equipment, you are able to preserve your captial and keep your cash flow running smoothly.

MALA GPR Rental: Reduce Risk of Equipment Maintenance
By renting your ground penetrating radar equipment, you no longer need to worry about equipment failure and maintenance costs, as well as missed opportunities and down time while the equipment is being repaired.

MALA GPR Rental: Tax Advantages
From a taxation perspective, ground penetrating radar equipment rental offers the advantage that expenses are an immediate 100% tax deduction on your business taxes. While purchase of equipment is depreciated over a number of years, the total amount spent on a rental is deducted from your bottom line right away, hence saving tax dollars. Renting allows you to maintain cash reserves for more essential expenditures.

MALA GPR Rental: Technological Edge
By renting your ground penetrating radar equipment, you ensure that you have access to the lastest technology. In the high-tech industry of ground penetrating radar, technological advances deliver increased scope for application, improved accuracy and efficiency.

MALA GX Controller
Ancient Building and Foundation Location
MALA ProEx Control Unit
MALA Easy Locator Control Unit
MALA Shielded Antenna Electronics
MALA Unshielded Antenna Electronics
MALA Rough Terrain Antenna (RTA) Antennas
MALA High Frequency (HF) Antennas
MALA Unshielded Antennas
MALA Monitors
MALA Rough Terrain Cart (RTC)
MALA Backpack
MALA Borehole Antennas
MALA PC/Monitor Holder

MALA GX Controller

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